Fitness Myths Debunked: Does Fruit Make you Fat?

Dont Eat that!


It will make you fat!


Sound familiar?

I’m sure you’ve heard it before. Don’t eat this it will make you fat. Don’t eat that or you will get fat etc.


What about fruit? I bet that someone you know blurted it out, It would prob go something like “Hey man,  you shouldn’t be eating fruit it will make you fat. Carol from next door told me its  ‘cus the body makes it into sugar and you get fat with insulin and stuff! ”


What do you think?

It sounds like a fact. But just because it sounds true it doesn’t mean it is.



You shouldn’t always believe what you here from people, especially if they have no training and/or understanding on nutritional principles.

But its ok, Im here to help you guys out. I want to help sift through the bullshit and get down to what REALLY matters and what will help YOU with achieving your dream body.


Take My online Coaching Client Matt for example. Do you really think He got into this shape by telling him to NOT eat fruit?


And Here I am to Explain.


Gaining weight or losing weight is simply down to Calories. If you eat more Calories than your required maintenance level then you will gain weight. Just like if you hit a deficit you will lose weight.


Simply multiply your body weight (in pounds by 10-12 to give you a calorie deficit. This will help you lose that unwanted body fat in a sustainable way which means you are less likely to pile it back on again.


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