How to diet over Christmas!

How to diet over Christmas?


You Don’t!


Christmas is a holiday. So it’s time to relax, spend some time with the people you care about and enjoy all the delicious food that comes around this time of year.


If your worrying about losing all your progress over one day.


Let me assure you that will NOT happen.


Below are 7 strategies you can use on Christmas Day to help you have the best time without having to worry about counting Calories.

I use some of these strategies with my Elite Online Clients to help them with their eating. Depending on their individual needs, some are more appropriate than others.


If you want to see some of the strategies I use throughout the year you can Read ‘10 Commandments of Fatloss: Part 1



#1 Eat more turkey

Turkey is a form of protein. Which means not only is it tasty, but it helps build and maintain lean muscle tissue. So it’s awesome for when you want lose a few pounds or gain some muscle and strength.


Protein is the most saturating macronutrient, which means it will fill you up more and keep you fuller for longer.


#2 Eat slow

I love eating, as a trained chef food is a passion for me. If it’s good food, It can be gone in seconds (I’m not kidding).


Eating slowly will help all of your gut enzymes to kick in and tell your brain that your full. It means you can reduce the chance of over eating by loads.


Take 20-30 minutes to eat your Christmas dinner, not only will you enjoy it more but it will help you keep yourself in check.


#3 Drink slower

For many people Christmas is a time for a drink or 2, or 3 or 4…..


Anyway alcohol is something which hides calories. It’s almost 2 times calorie dense as protein a carbs and yet it won’t fill you up.


One glass of wine can be up to 214 Calories!!!!

That’s a lot. Think about it if you have 5 then it’s an extra 1000 calories you’ve just had without realising.


Try sipping at your drink and make it last longer.


You can also try alternating between a glass of wine and a glass of water or whatever your preference is. This will help keep you hydrated as alcohol will dehydrate you and ease that headache in the morning.


Both of these will help you reduce your alcohol intake and also reduce those hidden calories.



#4 Only one plate of food

I love my Christmas dinner.

Turkey, pigs in blankets, goose fat roast potatoes and a pile of veggies and buckets of gravy and cranberry sauce.


Eat what you like, but only have one plate.


So any extra roasties or stuffing left in the tin should be left in the tin.


This means that you can enjoy all the good stuff of a Christmas dinner but without feeling guilty.



#5 A palm full of the sweet stuff

That tin of chocolates sits on the Side calling your name.


You try to ignore it but you just can’t.


That’s OK


Eating ‘fun’ food is part of the holidays, and banning yourself from it altogether will most likely result in a binge.


So I recommend to limit your self to a a hand size portion of choccy and sweeties to help curb your cravings without destroying you diet.


#6 Stop when your full

This is as always. Would you keep putting fuel in your car when it is full?

Of course not.

The same applies to eating normally and especially at Christmas. When your full, STOP!


If you leave food on your plate then so be it. A lot of people tell me “but that’s a waste of food, and I hate wasting food!”.


If that’s the case, don’t put as much in your plate. Be realistic on what you will be able to eat until your full.


You should have a good idea of what that would be.


The point is, you don’t have to eat that last roastie just because it’s left on your plate!



#7 Drink a pint of water before eating

If your really worried about Calories a sure fire way to make feel fuller Is to drink a pint of water or seltzer before you eat.


It will fill you up a little so you won’t be able to eat as much. It’s not as much fun but it is definitely a strategy that works.



So they are your 7 ways to help with keeping to your diet over the holidays.

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See you in the New Year!



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