If your looking to accelerate your strength to superhuman levels (and maybe even develop super powers) then Rhys is my go-to-man!

Gareth Sapstead- The Fitness Maverick

A passionate and knowledgable trainer who’s always looking to improve himself and clients in turn.”

Chris Stankiwicz – owner of The Injury Clinic

Very knowledgable. Helped me drop body fat and improve my strength. He made sure I was doing exercises correctly so I could train properly, highly recommend.”

Alex Ainsworth – Happy client

He’s a great motivational trainer with exceptional knowledge! If you give as much as He gives then your results will be epic.”

Mark Perry – Martial Arts expert

Rhys is an exceptional trainer with a wealth of knowledge and experience. I have worked with him for over 12 months now and the support and guidance he’s given, and continues to give is superb. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone.

Natalie- Happy client

“Rhys is an excellent trainer.  He started out teaching me the basic lifts so I could do them safely and has since advised me on training for Tough Mudder (including recovery), continual improvements to my lifting form and branched out into more functional strength training via the strongman course He ran. He initially kept my enthusiasm in check so I didn’t hurt myself and now if I improve on a lift it’s generally because He’s either persuaded me to give it a go and/or there’s something reassuring about attempting heavier weights while being spotted by someone who can lift it one handed.

I wouldn’t have seen half the health/weight improvements I have in the last year without the help and advice he has provided.”

Paul- Happy Client

After seeing how Rhys trained his clients in the gym I decided to seek his help to reach my goals. I was playing football and wanted to become quicker and more agile. Within 6 weeks of being coached by Rhys and using his training techniques I’d seen a dramatic change in my speed and agility. Every week results improved and I not only met my personal targets, but exceeded them.

I then decided I wanted to have more of a physique and a more toned body. After the results I got for a set goal with Rhys it was only logical to use his knowledge and advice again. Within 5 weeks of training with Rhys in the gym and using his exercise and diet advice I was able to lose 10% of my body fat. I continue to see results every week by trusting Rhys and listening to all the advice he gives me.

If anyone has a goal of any kind, whether it’s building strength, losing weight or just wanting to improve knowledge of exercises and diet then I fully recommend Rhys. You’ll receive great service and have an overall fun time training with Rhys, as well as getting that one step closer to reaching your goal.

Alex- Happy Client

Rhys has vast knowledge and experience which makes him instantly credible. By making a few changes to my technique and form, Rhys was able to greatly enhance my lifting power and strength. Rhys can help you realise your true potential. He really listens and takes onboard your needs – he also happens be very approachable with great people skills. Therefore I would not hesitate in recommending Rhys to family and friends whatever stage they are at whether they are beginner, intermediate or advanced.
Dom- Happy Client
Rhys is an excellent trainer with a wide range of expertise and knowledge, and is very easy to get on with. I would highly recommend for anyone looking for anything from general fitness all the way to olympic lifting coaching, which is my new favourite training routine!
Colin-Happy Client