Strength Coaching for All


You don’t have to be a competitive powerlifter to reap the benefits of powerlifting coaching.

Work one on one or with a friend to optimise your technique and evaluate your weak points to enable you to move better and get stronger.

Whether you want to compete or are already competing or looking for a training method proven to allow you to train for many years and maximize functional strength and movement.

Our methods look to optimize joint health and recovery to ensure longevity of training as well as risk to benefit ratios to minimize potential injuries.

If you are looking at getting involved, take a look at what some of the clients.#

“Rhys is the epitome of what it means to be a good coach. I started with Rhys around January with clear aims and objectives. With each training block showing clear rationale, tailored to my needs and lifestyle as well as providing effective communication. Thank you coach 🙏🏾”


“I’ve been working with Rhys for about 2 years now. Since starting my lifts have all gone up, not immediately because he has no quick fixes, as they just don’t exist. Throughout the 2 years I’ve been rehabbed through a back injury and now it is healthier and stronger than ever before. He is there on the good days but also the bad days and has put up with me moaning many of times. He has also helped me mentally with training and also personally whilst educating me along the way. Nowadays we joke around a lot and have fun but still progressing superbly! He is a Very Good Coach!”


“I have had coaches such as Delroy McQueen in the past, but since I’ve been working with Rhys I have made a great amount of progress within my training. In Every aspect! More Than I have ever with other coaches.

Rhys is a reliable coach and shows how much He cares about Me and my Progress. Plus He isalways available should you need him and deals with any concerns quickly. He has a wealth of knowledge and will provide detailed explanation with his workouts. Anyone looking for a reliable and knowledgeable coach, I would highly recommend him! Get in touch!”

-Cameron, Double British Junior Champion

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